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Developing the Ogden City

Transportation Master Plan

Online Open House

Ogden City has developed a draft set of recommendations for a Transportation Master Plan, which will meet the needs of Ogden residents and visitors now, and into the future. We have asked for public feedback at different points in the process, and now we want to hear from you about the policies and projects for roadway, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian improvements that are proposed.


Ogden City wants to create transportation choices that promote safety, strengthen the livability of the community by encouraging multi-modal transportation options, and provide local and regional connections and are environmentally responsible. The following goals support this transportation vision:


Improve and expand transit systems, including first/last mile connections to transit opportunities, allowing for efficient and convenient access throughout the City and the region. Ensure that facilities associated with transit are accessible, attractive, and appropriately maintained.

Improve mobility for all users by increasing efficiency of the existing and future street system.

Encourage walking by emphasizing the planning and continued development of well-connected, safe, convenient and attractive sidewalks, crosswalks, paths and trails that link both the natural and built environments.

Prioritize a safe transportation system for all users.

What Kind of Projects Are Included in the Transportation Master Plan?


Building on the recommendations from the 2016 Bicycle Master Plan.


Filling in missing sidewalk gaps citywide, and creating safer pedestrian crossings in key locations. Click here to view the bike/ped memo.


Increasing capacity on key routes connecting into Ogden City, maintaining the roadways we currently have, filing in missing segments of roads, and building a better grid network.

Transit Riders

Improving service and amenities along key transit routes in Ogden, operating a downtown circulator to serve visitors and residents, and improving transit access to key destinations like the airport and Business Depot Ogden. Click here to view the transit memo.

Future Technology

Encouraging partnerships with Uber, Lyft, and other service providers to improve access to key Ogden destinations, and collaborating with UDOT to prepare for the introduction of connected and autonomous vehicles. Click here to view the disruptive trends memo.


Installing wayfinding signage around the City and on I-15, guiding residents and visitors to key destinations around Ogden. Click here to view the Wayfinding Design Guidelines for Ogden City.

Give us your feedback on the proposed projects

All projects proposed as part of the Ogden City Transportation Master Plan are shown in the webmap below. We will be taking comment throughout November 2018 on the proposed projects, and we welcome your feedback using the webmap below.

Meet the Project Team

Feel free to contact the Fehr & Peers team with questions or feedback.

Maria Vyas, AICP

Project Manager

Stephanie Tomlin

Transportation Planner

Chris Bender, EIT

Transportation Engineer

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